Aoe 2 updating system settings

Some of the many units to try out include: There are many even more amazing features, but listing them isn't as fun as trying them out yourself, so visit our Downloads page! All the game developers are active and experienced players. Starting from the next stable we will keep player UIs up to date, with the default preset, unless they opt out.

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## [New Ma D2 forums can now be found here.]( ## As such, this megathread is obsolete, and not being monitored. page=12#posts-7651991)   ### **Social** [Facebook]( Doll) [Twitter]( Doll) [You Tube]( Doll) Ma D2 June Update: **over 50 new items, and more! []( * * * **Patchnotes** : - Added a bunch of items (too many to list, see Library \ Newest) - Added item velocity to saves. - Modified ALL projectiles not to be able to collide with each other.

* * *   ## [**Play Ma D2**]( on Kongregate ### [**Download Ma D2**]( at   ! []( Nf3ef.png)]( LTHbz )   ### **Features** - Physics sandbox - [300 items and counting]( LTHbz Y.png) (not all pictured) - Destructible objects - Cutting system - Contraptions - Saveable and shareable levels - Lots and lots of blood  ### **Links** [Ma D Lab]( - Added support for Decal and Invisible layers in the item format - Added Sleep property (physics will start simulating only after the item is touched or moved.) - Added Launch Tool - Added Concuss Power (Note that this will be hidden by default if you have modified the powers list.) - Added Concussion particles - Added Random Skin button to Skin menu. (FEEDBACK WANTED.) - Modified ALL shrapnel not to be able to collide with each other.

This means that damage data can now exceed 2 billion(2^32/2-1).

This deep level change is needed so that parsing plugins can store data this large without error.