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"We both have peaceful natures, and so far we haven't had any arguments."Forty-nine-year-old Maningo is childless and was a widow before marrying her much younger wife, Anastasia Juma, aged 27, in Nyamongo, northern Tanzania.

It's an increasingly common practice known as "nyumba ntobhu" — translated as "woman marrying woman" — though it doesn't conform to the Western conception of same-sex matrimony: These women identify as straight.

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Partial proceeds from the event will go towards The Whole Girl Fund, which aims to raise money for: This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about this selfless program that has already made incredible strides towards affecting positive change for a number of Tanzanian female youth.

The cattle-herding Kurya tribe, with members spread across Tanzania, instituted this tribal law hundreds of years ago in order to protect women from losing property if their husbands died or abandoned them; another tribal law stipulates only males can be inheritors.

More than half of online daters (52%) now use a smartphone to interact with their online dating service, and one in three use a tablet computer. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to meet people outside of your social circles and work colleagues.

Online dating gives you the opportunity to meet someone completely new.

Our advice is to fill out the e Harmony questionnaire truthfully.” – Greg & Stephanie, NSW Our advice to others would be to find someone who you are relaxed with and can talk to; always be truthful and never keep secrets from each other; always support the other person no matter what; allowing each other space too; always telling them how much you care about them and love them; always keeping the romance there – bringing home flowers.” – Laurie & Paul, NSW “Having a sense of humour, supporting each other, and accepting your partner for exactly who they are.

But you should both be willing to compromise, look at yourself and make adjustments if needed.” – Monica & Simon, VIC “Good communication and a similar (but not the same) outlook on life and the world.