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I strongly recommend you add the username and password to the URL commands. This saves you being asked for a login when the camera is first accessed.Other camera makes URL command formats will be available on the web. user=username&pwd=password Snapshot command = snapshot.cgi? user=username&pwd=password Control commands all should be in the format = decoder_control.cgi?The error msg only tells the summary of the past day, so I don't know which period the issue occurred.In the beginning I thought it was due to the quality of the cat5e cable, but when I looked at the stats from the switch there was no error or disconnect.Loads any IP Cam that supports URL commands in the Sidebar and gives full Pan and Tilt control along with the video stream, thus no need to go through the cameras own user interface / annoying login process. With this add-on, you can control the camera and view the Sidebar video stream in seconds. Thanks to Bubbah of pointing this out.**************************************************************************************Most IP Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras accept URL control commands.We also offer free delivery for orders of more than £149.99.If you're looking for something to help improve the security of your home or business, you'll find it here.

4)-4 At 4)-3 situation's error number 5) Session information of camera Send the following CGI command to camera ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every day I receive emails from the NAS saying "Camera X read data error XXX times in the last day" (please see the attached screenshot).I seem to get more such error from camera 2 which is further away from the NAS and wired by a 20m cat5e cable.JMC Secure offers an extensive range of security cameras and surveillance systems for commercial and domestic purposes.Our range includes HD CVI, HD TVI CCTV & IP CCTV and all the accessories you will need - We do NOT supply Standard Definition CCTV anymore!