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Cutting is another sector where traditional techniques still prevail, providing excellent initial orientation of the rough crystal for maximum face-up color and weight retention.At the same time, highly skilled recutting in Sri Lanka is achieving international market standards of proportions, symmetry, and brightness (figure 2).Inaugural Senior Officials’ Talks (SOTs) with Sri Lanka in December 2015 was an important step in building a new architecture to support this expanding relationship.Then Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop visited Sri Lanka to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and associated meetings in Colombo in November 2013.

As Sri Lanka takes its place in today’s gem and jewelry industry, the gemologist can observe a combination of traditional methods and modern technologies as well as new business strategies for a highly competitive market.What appear to be primitive practices are often highly efficient and well suited to the task.While most of the mining enterprises are small operations using simple hand tools, these allow for continuous mining, employ a large workforce, and are less damaging to the environment (figure 1).We have common interests in security and sustainable development in the Indian Ocean region.The bilateral relationship continues to strengthen and covers a broad range of issues, including economic and development cooperation, joint efforts against people smuggling, strong education linkages and engagement on issues of human rights and reconciliation.