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Galen will establish the concept of humors (phlegm, blood, black bile and yellow bile) that determine both health and personality.

Belief in these four humors will dominate medicine and biology for many centuries. 180-Pausanias records a description of the skeleton of the hero Ajax.

This is the fourth night in Cat's Away, a cheekily named series of nightly viewings I'm doing while my wife is in America.

Now, on to the one trait this is shared by almost all films in almost all film festivals: actually being new. I'm not flipping over my viewing calendar to focus on 2017 releases until next week; you may recall I divide my viewing year into new releases (August to January) and older releases (February to July), with plenty of overlap from the other in each. After hearing good things about it, I was cautiously optimistic, which is why I downloaded a rental from i Tunes last week and programmed it in this time slot.

424-In , Augustine of Hippo (Saint Augustine) recounts the discovery of an enormous tooth in Utica (Tunisia), and attributes the tooth to a giant.

He was a member of Valhalla and his greatest joy was playing golf. As long as the sun was shining, he was on the first tee, waiting to share time with his friends and maybe even win a few bucks.

When not on the golf course, you could find Bert and Ann Leah, his loving wife of 51 years, at the race track or at a U of L game.

But this movie had me from its opening seconds, its audacious style immediately grabbing me.

It starts with a crackerjack prologue in which an American pilot crash lands in spectacularly absurdist fashion, his plane nose-diving into the desert sand as his parachute follows suit moments later, landing closer in the same frame.