Producer of the dating game

Here is the list of 21 of our favorite game shows, with two of Barris' own projects at the top of the list.

One lady has a chance to ask her three unseen suitors a few questions.

Sometimes the process was switched, with a male questioning three females.

But in all cases, the questions were designed by the show’s writers to elicit sexy answers.

Celebrities and future celebrities who appeared as contestants included Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Martin and a pre-“Charlie’s Angels” Farrah Fawcett, introduced as “an accomplished artist and sculptress” with a dream to open her own gallery.

After the show became a hit on both daytime and nighttime TV, the Barris machine accelerated.

Lining up three in a row, tic-tac-toe style, means that you win the round.

The following year Barris developed the equally popular and even more provocative The Newlywed Game, in which recently married couples compared their answers to identical questions posed by the host.

The Gong Show, part talent show (most contestants conspicuously lacked talent) and part demented variety show, with Barris as host and ringmaster, pushed hard against the boundaries of good taste and was regarded as deplorable by mainstream reviewers, but it won a devoted following.

New products included “The Newlywed Game,” “The Parent Game,” “The Family Game” and even “The Game Game.” At one point Barris was supplying the television networks with 27 hours of entertainment a week, mostly in five-days-a-week daytime game shows.

The grinning, curly-haired Barris became a familiar face as creator and host of “The Gong Show,” which aired from 1976 to 1980.